Free yourself from your fears, recharge your batteries, manage your pain better … prenatal hypnosis is recommended for all pregnant women who wish to calmly approach their childbirth. Laeticia, psychotherapist and birth attendant, presents this method of birth preparation and the role that the ringing of your pregnancy Bola can play in this practice.

What is hypnosis ?

Hypnosis is a technique that allows us to install ourselves in a state of “modified consciousness” that is to say to reconnect with our unconscious and to be thus attentive to all our senses, our needs and to draw on all our resources. One can reach a state of hypnosis alone (we speak of self-hypnosis) or accompanied by a therapist.

Prenatal hypnosis as a method of preparing for childbirth

Prenatal hypnosis is a technique derived from “classic” ericksonic hypnosis, specially designed to accompany pregnancy. Through images related to the successes and resources of each, she works on the release of fears, doubts and questions that expectant mothers may feel.

In a modified state of consciousness, a state similar to that of reverie, both present and distanced, the future mother can let all of her power emerge, her confidence in herself and in her ability to give life? .

The potential of hypnosis is incredible! It allows mothers-to-be to recharge their batteries between each contraction, to change their perception of pain and therefore to reduce it, to strengthen their bond with their baby and to listen to all their abilities.

Hypnosis also involves the future dad in his various protocols in order to anchor his supportive role, necessary at the time of birth.


Who is prenatal hypnosis for?

Hypnosis is for all expectant mothers.

For those who want a natural childbirth, without an epidural, it is a powerful ally in managing contractions and enduring the pain of childbirth. For all other mothers-to-be, just like yoga, sophrology or acupuncture, hypnosis is a gentle method that provides tools for a more peaceful pregnancy and childbirth.

The course of a session (can you tell here how a session goes in your own words and your own experience? How many sessions to plan on average? From what point in the pregnancy? train at home? what does the future dad do during the session?)

I recommend starting the hypnosis sessions at the end of the first trimester for overall follow-up, see upstream for pre-conceptual support.

During the sessions, we take time to talk during which the mother-to-be or the couple give me their history, questions, any apprehensions and birth plans.

Depending on the needs mentioned (relaxation, managing pain, transforming pregnancy ailments, promoting the opening of the cervix, freeing oneself from fears, …) I offer at least two hypnosis protocols per session.

I take the time to record the chosen protocol, so that it can be listened to between sessions, to anchor it well and transform resistance and fears. Then after gently bringing the consultant back here and now, I ask her about what she felt during the session and the thoughts that may emerge 


The role of sound in prenatal hypnosis

Sound can play a key role in the practice of hypnosis.

Sounds at a regular cadence which corresponds to the physiological rhythm (binary inspir-expir or ternary inspir-pause-expir) can be used in particular before the hypnosis session or during it to promote letting go leading to the altered state of consciousness.

Like any other sense, listening to sound can also help strengthen an anchor by associating a sound with a state.

For example, during a healing protocol, the place visualized can very well be associated with a sound appreciated by the mother such as the song of birds, the sound of the waves or a melody that she appreciates, subsequently the his can induce the visualized place as well as the state of resourcing.

Use the melody of the Bola as an anchor sound of well-being

During my sessions, more and more mothers-to-be wear a pregnancy Bola.

I would like to suggest that they associate the sounds emitted by their precious jewel with the benefits felt during the sessions.

As soon as we enter the hypnosis phase a sound can be emitted to mark the passage to the altered state of consciousness, then a new sound will come, depending on the work done together, associated with a specific protocol. 

So they can listen to the crystalline ringing again to feel the state of resourcing experienced during the session, at home, as soon as they wish to reconnect with these positive sensations.


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