Little Love

When you holding a party for a little kids , what is your first priority concern ? Decoration ? Food & Beverage ? Gifts ? Guest invitation ? …. 

We knew that you may need to handle thousand of stuffs in a party, so that.. we are now help you to save time for all of the preparation, you can share with us your idea and what do you want to be in the party, our professional team to become your assistant that to prepare a great party for you. 

Something you may concern more ? 

Catering – Our partner “Canapes Room” offer a wide range of multinational cuisine to modern western food to meet different requirement of our guests.

Our talented chefs pour their passion into creating extraordinary canapés, ensuring that each tart crust is meticulously handcrafted in-house, exemplifying our dedication to uncompromising quality. From intricate flavor combinations to the painstaking preparation of every component, our canapés showcase the highest level of skill and time invested. 

In a Kids Party – Catering is a much care part of others, as we would like to provide health but attractive design that our kids will love to have it too . 

Canapés Room think about that point too and design a set of kids party menus.  and now you can let us to design with you to have a special kids party ! 

Photography & Video : Catch up the precious moment you must be aware so that the professional photography and video edit is much important that you can even share with your friends and family after party.  Our team with Mr. Thomas Ng – he was a TOP 10 photography in Hong Kong , he has a unique style “Storytelling” presenting all about Love and Care to customers. 

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